The new snow carving machine that gives you fun on the first run. Easy to learn for beginners and challenging enough for extreme athletes.

The SKKI requires no bindings or special boots The rider just leans the Trikke SKKI and the three skis carve the turns. It is much easier to learn than skiing or snowboarding and beginners always have fun on the first run. One unit can be shared by riders of all different ages, skill levels, and sizes. Feel the control of skiing with handlebars. Feel the freedom of riding without bindings. Feel something really new and really fun!

skki turn

New England Resorts that welcome Skki

Ragged Mountain Danbury, NH

Crotched Mountain Bennington, NH

Whaleback Mountain, Enfield, NH

Loon Mountain, Lincoln, NH

Wachusett Mountain Princeton, MA (Requires advance permission)

Click here for the New England Skki Area Map

Price: $899.99*

*This is the standard retail price. However as a Certified representative of Trikke Tech, Inc. our price will be adjusted to match all weekly specials being offered from Trikke. Should you find a better price at a big faceless corporate warehouse website, we may or may not be able match its price, but remember when you buy local, you are also buying personal service from a Trainer who will also personally make sure you learn the basic techniques to make the most of this riding experience.


Your purchase of a Skki through North Shore Trikke will also include:

  • $50 Gift Card to Crotched Mountain to purchase your first lift ticket!

  • Up to 3 Private lessons from Kenny Mayne, Certified Trikke Trainer (C.T.T.) - a $75 value

  • Ongoing Riding Instructions by Kenny Mayne, C.T.T. whenever you participate in North Shore Trikke Sponsored riding events

  • North Shore Trikke Full Service package which includes:
  1. Handling: North Shore Trikke will place your order with Trikke Tech or in some cases an independent Trikke dealer, such as Trikke Tampa, who may have a discontinued product still in stock, provided the independent dealer is agreeable to the arrangement.  If desired North Shore Trikke will also take delivery on behalf of the client for the purpose of delivery security or storage until special occasions such as a traditional gift giving holiday or birthday.

  2. 1 Year Service Warranty – Trikke Tech Inc. provides a standard warranty for 1 year covering factory defects that will replace any defective parts.  North Shore Trikke adds to that warranty with 1 year service free of charge. In short, Trikke Tech replaces the defective parts, North Shore Trikke installs them for you.

  3. Inspection and Assembly.  North Shore Trikke will thoroughly inspect your Trikke for any factory defects at the time of purchase and assemble your Trikke if desired.  For Christmas gift purchases where Trikke is shipped to North Shore Trikke (to keep it hidden!) the Trikke will be inspected upon receipt and be reboxed for safe storage and assembled just before Christmas and discretely delivered a day or two before Christmas (Essex County, MA only).

  4. Riding Lessons: North Shore Trikke provides the lessons necessary to ensure client learns the essential riding of a Trikke as well as will provide continuing opportunities to improve riding skills through local group rides.


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